St. Louis Circuit Court launches redesigned website:

homepage screenshot

The St. Louis Circuit Court on Monday launched a redesign of its website that is now accessible at

The months-long project has several citizen-focused objectives including improved organization, simpler navigation and contemporary design that emphasizes accessibility via desktop and mobile devices.

“The 22nd Circuit recognizes the need to have a well-organized and accessible website that demonstrates the judiciary’s important role in providing an open, fair and independent system of justice in our community,” said Presiding Circuit Judge Elizabeth Byrne Hogan.

The Court’s website provides key information about the Court’s various services and programs of interest to citizens, the Court and the St. Louis legal community.

The redesign project has included several key objectives:

1) Providing a well-organized and user-friendly website with simple navigation and contemporary design.
2) Developing a site that's focused on the visitor experience, enabling the public to gain a better understanding of how this circuit functions and of the people doing important work here.
3) Prioritizing accessibility and implementing a responsive web design that better accommodates mobile users, as we know more and more people access the web from mobile devices rather than traditional desktop computers.
4) Focusing on functionality with a site that meet the needs of citizens and legal community.

It includes biographies of judges and commissioners, employment opportunities, a searchable staff directory, jury duty information, public notices, an events calendar and timely news about the circuit.

The site was designed by Revize, based in Troy, Mich.