Behave and Dress in Court

The 22nd Judicial Circuit Court seeks to foster and maintain a professional environment at all times. All visitors should demonstrate basic etiquette and show respect within the circuit’s courthouses through appropriate dress and behavior.

Visitors are expected to follow these guidelines:

  • Always arrive on time
  • Turn off/silence all electronic devices before entering courtrooms
  • Be polite and act professionally to all involved in court proceedings including judges, court staff, bailiffs, attorneys, litigants and other visitors
  • Do not bring weapons to the courthouses
  • Do not use profanity
  • Do not interrupt others
  • Stand up to speak to judicial officers
  • Address judicial officers as “Judge," "Commissioner” or “Your Honor.”
  • Do not eat food, drink (except for water), chew gum or use cigarettes, vape pens or other tobacco products and illegal drugs
  • Visitors are not required to dress up but are expected to refrain from wearing shorts, open-toed shoes and slippers, hats (unless for religious purposes), sunglasses, tank tops, halter tops, shirts with exposed midriffs, pajamas, clothing with obscene imagery or messages