Represent Myself

If you plan to represent yourself in court in a family law matter such as a divorce, child custody, child support or paternity case, you are are required to complete Missouri's Litigant Awareness Program to help you learn about the Missouri courts system and understand obligations of representing yourself.

Instructions and tutorials for using the Missouri Electronic Filing (eFiling) System

IMPORTANT: Redaction requirements effective July 1, 2023 resulting from remote access

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: The Law Library Association of St. Louis' guide to representing yourself in court

Parties representing themselves without attorneys may securely file cases and other documents:

  • In person at the Civil Courts Building, 10 North Tucker, St. Louis, Mo. 63101.
  • Or by email (see below instructions).
Communicating your information to the court in a secure manner is important to us.

To submit your filing(s) to us via secure email, you must first register for a secure account through the State of Missouri’s Courts’ website. Registration is simple and fast.

Please note you will receive a confirmation email once you have registered. After you have confirmed your email address, you will be able to submit an email to the court using an email address we will send you. Make sure to attach your filing document(s).

Submit your name and email for instructions on establishing secure communications with the court.