Child Protection Services

The Child Protection & Permanency Units consist of deputy juvenile officers responsible for investigating cases involving allegations of child abuse and neglect. Cases include abandonment, educational, medical, environmental, parental drug and/or alcohol abuse and lack of supervision. Categories of abuse are physical, sexual and emotional. The units also handle guardianship cases assigned by the St. Louis Probate Court.

The Juvenile Division offers mediation services to resolve disputes among parties using an impartial mediator to help parents in reaching agreements by focusing on issues related to children. Mediators listen, clarify issues and help parents develop parenting plans. Intra-family mediation brings family members together to resolve conflicts among families with children 12 to 17 years old.

The Family Sub-Contracted Services program provides various services to clientele such as counseling, psychological evaluations, occupational therapy, bullying prevention, tutoring, parenting skills, anger management and life skills. The program is funded in part by the St. Louis Mental Health Board. Services are voluntary in informal cases and required when ordered by the court.

The Pro Se Clinic answers legal questions about divorce, paternity, custody and child support issues. It is held from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. most Mondays at the St. Louis Family Court – Juvenile Division at 920 N. Vandeventer Avenue. Registration is required by contacting Lavina Boykin at 314-552-2395, Mary Hansen at 314-552-2389, or Michelle Henry at 314-552-2390