Where do I park?

DO NOT PARK AT A METERED SPOT. Validated free parking is available at the Kiel Parking Garage, 1515 Clark Avenue next to the Enterprise Center where the St. Louis Blues play home games. The court will validate only once per day. The Civil Courts Building is located in downtown St. Louis at the corner of Tucker Boulevard and Market Street.

The city operates a shuttle for city employees and jurors are welcome to ride the shuttle when it is available. The shuttle normally operates from 7:45 a.m. to 9:45 am and from 3:45 p.m. to 5:45 pm. The shuttle picks up passengers at the 16th Street entrance to the garage in the morning and on Chestnut Street outside the Civil Court building in the afternoon.

What if I don't drive?

Since jury service is required by law, our court provides free transportation aboard MetroBus or MetroLink.  

What if I have a disability or need an interpreter?

The court is required by law to make reasonable efforts to accommodate persons with disabilities summoned for jury service. If you require an interpreter or have a disability, contact the Jury Supervisor's Office at 314-622-4457 for assistance.

What can my employer expect?

Employers are encouraged to support the jury system by paying employees during jury service. Potential jurors routinely seek to be excused from service because of loss of income. Continuing to pay employees during jury service will expand the available pool of citizens available to serve and help the 22nd Judicial Circuit assemble juries that more accurately reflect the community.

What can I bring to jury service?

Everyone entering the courthouse is required to pass through security. All weapons are prohibited. You are welcome to bring reading materials, personal computers, tablets and cellphones.  Free Wi-Fi is available.

What will I be paid for jury service?

Missouri law says you will be paid $12 per day if you are not chosen for a trial, or $18 per day if you are selected.  The St. Louis Circuit Court now provides debit cards to jurors upon the completion of service.

How should I act in / dress for court?

The 22nd Judicial Circuit Court seeks to foster and maintain a professional environment at all times. All visitors and jurors should demonstrate basic etiquette and show respect within the circuit’s courthouses through appropriate dress and behavior.