Guardians ad litem

Guardian ad litem implementation plan

In recognizing that Missouri children have the right to adequate and effective representation in child welfare cases, the 22nd Judicial Circuit provides the following as a plan for implementation of the guardian ad litem standards.

The 22nd Judicial Circuit shall disseminate the standards on its court website and keep them in a public area of the Civil Courts Building and the Circuit Clerk’s Office in the family court-juvenile division. Each division that addresses family court division matters shall be provided with a copy of the standards for reference when needed.

Guardian ad litem standards

The judicial officer of each division hearing a family court matter shall appoint guardians ad litem for appropriate cases from a list that is developed of qualified attorneys.

The list of approved guardians ad litem shall be maintained by the secretary to the judge of the family court-juvenile division and the paralegal assigned to the domestic relations divisions of the family court. Guardians ad litem shall be added to or removed from the list only at the direction of judges assigned to the domestic relations and juvenile divisions of the circuit court. Instructions to the bar as to how to be considered by the court for appointment as a guardian ad litem will be posted on the court website.


Cynthia L. Albin 46867 636-916-1500
Amanda M. Basch 59984 314-721-9200
Kathryn Banks 51063 314 977-2730
James Beal 58514 314-884-8991
David Schorr Betz 50898 314-801-8488
Brad P. Bilyeu 72710 314-455-7374
Andrew R. Bramman 69980 314-884-7517
Kelly Bolan Chevalier 57068 314-249-5936
Ann Phillips Corrigan 38656 314-977-3993
Armeta Cotten 33476 314-664-3644
C. Curran Coulter, II 64795 314-488-2555
Mary Davidson 30297 314-862-0200
Amy Hirsch Diemer 38249 314-977-3958
Celeste Endicott 33996 314-977-5457
Will Hack 69110 314-669-1787
Robert N. Hamilton 36985 314-333-4140
Venus A. Jackson 59872 314-721-7230
Mark Kiesewetter 32008 314-270-3530
Joseph Lambson 62251 314-390-0234
Beth Lewandowski 42391 314-540-1018
Henry Miller 48790 314-721-6677
Margaret Murphy  50632 314-440-1090
Tiffany Norris 69255 314-977-5451
Jennifer R. Piper 51065 314-449-9800
Sarah Shelledy Pleban 31614 314-647-6677
Elaine Pudlowski 43660 314-725-8000
Dan Rhoads 59590 314-895-0997
Laura Stobie 62154 314-392-5200
Theodora L. Strassburg 59852 314-799-6330
Larry Thomason, Jr. 52352 314-351-3100
Rachel Thompson 71206 314-725-8000
William J. Willis 73076 314-254-3232

Guardian ad litem training may be provided by any qualified entity in accordance with the guardian ad litem standards.

On or before July 31 of each year, guardian ad litem shall submit an affidavit showing proof of training, to the secretary to the judge of the family court-juvenile division or the paralegal assigned to the domestic relations divisions of the family court. This affidavit shall also acknowledge that the guardian ad litem has reviewed and has complied with the guardian ad litem standards.

Guardian ad litem affidavit (revised June 29, 2022)

The local rules and processes have been reviewed, and no modification in either is necessary at the present time to effectively implement this plan; however, a revision for clarification purposes will be proposed.

The 22nd Judicial Circuit shall review this plan as needed to determine the need for modifications necessary to assure the continued effectiveness of the guardian ad litem standards.

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