Circuit Clerk’s Office traces $8 million in unclaimed funds, distributes $3.6 million to state and local agencies

ST. LOUIS (June 19, 2014) — Jane Schweitzer, clerk of the 22nd Judicial Circuit of Missouri, is distributing to state and local agencies $3.6 million in unclaimed funds accumulated over several decades.

These payouts came from undistributed court costs, fines and fees. Payments include $1,891,504 to the City of St. Louis and $1,662,484 to the State of Missouri.

Previously, Schweitzer’s office transferred more than $4 million in unclaimed funds held in the Registry of the Court to the Missouri State Treasurer for distribution to approximately 35,000 litigants under the unclaimed property laws.

The $8 million in unclaimed funds had vexed circuit clerks for decades.  Last year, Schweitzer hired an auditing firm after issuing a request for proposals.  Fees for the audit came from the unclaimed funds themselves, in accordance with state statutes.

Schweitzer said, “I am very proud of this team effort, which shows what the court can accomplish when we put our minds together. The unclaimed funds in the Registry of the Court have been a problem for over 30 years, and through our combined efforts we have solved it.”