22nd Judicial Circuit Court Treatment Court Commencement Honors New Graduates, Judge Woodiest

It was a bittersweet evening this past Monday as the 22nd Judicial Circuit Court’s Treatment Court held its 139th annual commencement ceremony.

Three new graduates received their diplomas for successfully completing the program and were congratulated with rounds of applause for their tremendous hard work, progress, and success.

But there were also some more poignant and reflective moments — and a few tears shed — when it came time to recognize the Hon. Rochelle Woodiest for many accomplisments.

The Hon. Rochelle Woodiest honored for her service as Commissioner of the 22nd Judicial Circuit Court’s Treatment Court program

Woodiest, who was recently appointed by Governor Mike Person to serve as the Court’s newest Associate Circuit Judge, will be stepping away from her current position as Treatment Court Commissioner, making this her last commencement ceremony. Though, she has vowed to continue attending them in full support of future graduates and the mission of the award-winning program.

Attendees at the commencement ceremony give the Hon. Rochelle Woodiest a standing ovation and round of applause

Woodiest has helped lead the Treatment Court program since her appointment as commissioner in 2013, and as her fellow commissioner, the Hon. Matt Melton, said, “…the program would probably not exist without her. Many people owe their freedom, happiness, success, and peace to her.”

The Hon. Matt Melton and the Hon. Rochelle Woodiest preside over the 139th annual commencement ceremony of the 22nd Judicial Circuit Court’s Treatment Court

The 22nd Judicial Circuit Court congratulates Judge Woodiest and thanks her for her years of service and continued commitment to the judiciary.