Prospective Juror Appears in St. Louis Circuit Court, Notifies Jury Supervisor of Positive COVID Test

During a jury selection process Friday, April 16, a prospective juror alerted the St. Louis Circuit Court that they had just received news of a positive COVID-19 result from an earlier test. Friday was the juror’s first day at the courthouse.

After consultation with the judge and attorneys on the case, the entire group of jurors who were in proximity to the positive person were informed of the positive test and released from duty.

The Court performed contact tracing immediately, closed the area, and scheduled cleaning.

Jury selection will resume on Monday the 19th.

The Court urges that rather than coming to the courthouse, all summoned jurors who feel symptomatic, or have taken a test in the previous 48 hours, or have received a positive result should notify the Jury Supervisor from home before appearing.