St. Louis Circuit Court Moves To Next Phase of COVID-19 Operations

June 2, 2020 — Presiding Judge Rex M. Burlison of the St. Louis Circuit Court has issued an administrative order moving the St. Louis Circuit Court to a higher operating phase as defined by the Missouri Supreme Court, effective today.

The Order moves the Court to Phase One operations from Phase Zero. The move resumes only the most critical in-person proceedings and restricts grand jury and jury trials to “only the most extraordinary, pressing, and urgent cases.”

Burlison’s Order also spells out requirements for masks and social distancing among judicial employees and those authorized to enter for specific proceedings.

The Missouri Supreme Court continues to encourage all courts and judges to make maximum use of video conferencing, remote access and work-from-home technologies.

The Missouri Supreme Court requires that before moving to a higher phase of operations, each circuit court consider that progression of the COVID-19 pandemic has improved in its local community over a 14-day period. Circuit courts can also move back to a lower operating phase if local conditions worsen.

The order notes that there has been no confirmed COVID-19 case in court facilities in the last 14 days. “The Stay-at-Home order in the City of St. Louis has been relaxed; COVID-19 health conditions have improved in the City of St. Louis over the last 14-day period according to the matrix used by local safety and health officials; consultation has occurred with the Department of Health on court activities; and consultation has occurred between the judiciary and court partners,” the order says.

The Order applies to all court facilities, the Civil Courts Building, The Carnahan Courthouse, and the Family Court/Juvenile Division.

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