SLU Professor to Lead Judges In Look at Systematic Inequity

Ridding the judicial system of inequities is the goal of a session Sept. 24 at the St. Louis Circuit Court.

Guided by Psychology Professor Richard Harvey of Saint Louis University, judges from the St. Louis Circuit Court, Eastern Missouri Court of Appeals and the Missouri Supreme Court will conduct an examination of systematic inequity and how to avoid it in future decision making.

Harvey earned a Ph.D. from the University of Kansas. At SLU, he is an associate professor of psychology with a joint appointment in both the Social Psychology and Industrial/Organizational Psychology programs. He conducts research, teaches, and mentors undergraduate and graduate students in both areas.

His research primarily centers on Collective Identity and its relations to a variety of phenomena social groups and organizations. He is a fellow of the Center for the Application of Behavioral Sciences, through which he provides consultation in the areas of strategic planning, diversity development, organizational development, and program evaluation.

Harvey has earned recognition for his mentoring and teaching, including two outstanding teacher awards, one international teaching award, and one graduate student mentorship award.