St. Louis Circuit Court Appoints Jill Hanley as Public Administrator

Jill M. Hanley
Jill M. Hanley

ST. LOUIS (March 28, 2017) — The 22nd Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri today appointed Jill M. Hanley to Public Administrator, replacing Gerard A. Nester, who resigned in February to pursue other opportunities.

The Court, meeting en banc, selected Hanley in a unanimous vote.

Hanley had served as legal counsel to the court’s Probate Division since 2006. Until moving to Probate, she had worked with Nester as an attorney in the Public Administrator’s office since 2002.

The Public Administrator acts on behalf of the citizens of St. Louis before the Probate Division, taking charge of the assets of city residents who die without family or a last will and testament, pays the claims of any creditor of the deceased, and distributes any remaining assets to surviving relatives, if any.

The Probate Division sometimes appoints the Public Administrator to act as guardian for the mentally ill or developmentally disabled adults whom the Probate Division has determined are unable to meet their essential needs for food, shelter and clothing. In this capacity, the Public Administrator is called upon to consent to the admission of these “wards” to nursing homes and residential care facilities and to see that they receive proper medical, psychiatric and therapeutic care. The Public Administrator currently manages the needs of more than 600 wards.

Hanley earned a bachelor’s degree in 1986 from Southwest Missouri State University. She received a paralegal certificate in 1989 from St. Louis Community College and earned a law degree in 1993 from Saint Louis University School of Law.